5 Benefits of Blue Spirulina Powder

Blue Spirulina is currently everyone's favourite superfood and you too want to jump on the bandwagon right? Then keep your eyes glued to this as we are telling you all the health benefits blue spirulina powder of Melbourne contains. 

But before we jump onto the benefits let's discuss some other important things you must know about blue spirulina powder.

What Is Spirulina Blue Powder?

Fully packed with nutrition blue spirulina powder is a superfood, especially for vegetarians and vegans. Do you know what blue spirulina powder is? Well, it is a blueish-green algae that grows mainly in ponds, lakes, and other small water bodies. 

The Phycocyanin in it gives it a beautiful bluish-green pigment. It is a great superfood that is getting popular in many countries. In Melbourne, it is available in super fine powders and other forms of supplements. 

Some of the nutrients present in Blue Spirulina are Protein, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Copper, Iron,  magnesium, potassium, manganese, carbohydrates, Omega-3, fatty acids and so much more. 

The best way to take blue spirulina is by adding it to your smoothie bowls, snacks, and shakes. Energy bars of blue spirulina are also available nowadays. So if you go to the gym and work out we bet blue spirulina energy bars are just your thing. 

Now let’s take a look into the benefits of blue spirulina powder made in Melbourne. 

Good for your Heart Health

Blue spirulina helps lower cholesterol and triglyceride noticeably. Blue spirulina also has properties to improve lipid profiles, prevent inflammations, and control oxidative stress. To round it up the anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents in blue spirulina will take care of your cardiovascular health like no other. 

Good for Gut 

Blue Spirulina has probiotics in it which helps in good gut health as you start to age. 

Lose Weight

As it contains a high amount of protein, having it before any meal keeps you fuller and you end up eating minimally. This helps a lot in losing weight. 

Keeps BP in check

Blue spirulina has extraordinary benefits in visibly lowering blood pressure levels. More of all it’s one of the few non-pharmacological ingredients that help to lower BP. 

Removes Toxins from the Body

Blue spirulina easily binds with the toxins in your body and gets them out of the system. 

Each 7g of blue spirulina contains 4g of protein. And for that reason, it is very popular among vegans and vegetarians. 

Where to buy blue spirulina powder

Despite its sudden popularity it is quite hard to find it in the market. But worry not when you have organic whole foods from online made in Melbourne, here you can find various sizes of blue spirulina powder.  

To sum up

Wait no more and get your first blue spirulina now, order whole foods online near Melbourne and enjoy your healthy and tasty blue spirulina smoothie bowl. 

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